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APESHIBANATI is a collection of 10,000 Apeshib NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Apeshib doubles as your APESHIBANATI membership card, and grants access to members-only investment opportunity, the first of which is access to Apestation, a DEX. Future areas and perks will be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

The Story

When you hear of illuminati, you are much likely to be left wondering who is part of the secret organization. All you can imagine is the pyramid shape, with a mysterious eye inside it, as if someone behind the scene is secretly taking control over the world. The elite and small circle idea of illuminati is like venture capital in the modern world.

Whoever thinks of being able to be a part of a venture capital? Maybe some of you are already part of the venture capital, but most of us ain’t know nothing about it.

Rather than building a small community under the radar, Apeshibanati is revolutionizing global venture capital across the metaverse. While a typical venture capital firm is usually staffed under 20 people, imagine a venture capital firm with thousands of people scouting for opportunities and pooling resources? The outcome would be limitless.

While cryptocurrency provides us a tool, NFT brings us community and art. Together we ain’t nobody. We will be somebody. Instead of being controlled, we are in control.

This is a revolutionary moment. We aim to be one of the forces in pushing crypto forward and giving back people the power we all deserve. When you join the Apeshibanti, you prove yourself a rebel, a crypto enthusiast, a pioneer. When you join the Apeshibanati, the history starts here. This would be what you will be sharing with your kids when they are sitting on your lap asking “What did you do in the crypto boom?” and your son praising you as a “Fxxking Legend”.

Apeshibanati Roadmap


Sale Event (Q2 2022)

Launching our collection of 10000 Apeshib on our website. Please use only the link provided by our social media account or in Discord. The return of our holders is our top priority, so we have spent an immense amount of time to provide our holders with the most gas-efficient ERC-721A token possible.


Discovery (Q2 2022)

After the reveal of the artwork, you will be able to know which character, and clothing style you successfully minted. The rarity rank of your NFT will be directly available at rarity services providers (to be revealed down the road).


Token(Q2 2022)

Each NFT holder will be earning 10 Bonana every day for the next 5 years.


Launching a Venture Capital (Q2-Q3 2022)

We would set aside a portion of the treasury to launch a Venture Capital. We truly believe in NFT and metaverse so we would like to put the focus of our VC on these areas. We will be investing in potential projects with our Bonana. We let holders participate in VC investing just like how you participate in crowdfunding. Holders can stake their Bonana tokens until we exit the investment opportunity. Profits will be shared by investors.


Launching the Apestation (Q3 2022)

The Apestation is the DEX of our own. NFT holders can utilize the Bonana token rewarded by holding the NFT and trade in our DEX.


Launching the Merch Collection (Q2-Q3 2022)

We will be launching the merch store for holders to purchase their favorite NFT items. We will be launching apparel and home decors in Q2 2022.


Stepping into the Metaverse (Q3 2022)

Our goal is to build a complete ecosystem around the metaverse and Defi with a playful heart. We will be using the community fund to buy properties in the Sandbox and Decentraland to offer a ground of exchange for owners to mingle and profit from the metaverse.


Expand our community (Q3 2022 - Q1 2023)

We are a member-centric community and we would seek ways to be more inclusive for new joiners to participate in the Apeshibanati. We hope to help Bonana expand popularity and expand the Apeshibanati into a bigger community. At this point, we will be unlocking the breeding functions and new joiners can participate by owning our next gen of Apeshib. The utility of the next-gen Apeshib will be revealed further down the road.



Apeshibanati is inspired by the secret elite organization "Illuminati", which has been rumored for its existence in the physical world for centuries.

What does your logo mean?

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What are the benefits of holding an Apeshibanati NFT?

How was the art created?

Are we going to the moon?

The Team


The OG Mastermind. Turn your everything to NFT


The OG web master. Galaxy Conquerer.


The ancestor of the 10000 Apeshibs.


The blockchain master.